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Two Fronts, One War

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By Charles W. Sasser (Hardback)

Foreword by Micheal Stephenson

Dramatic Eyewitness Accounts of Major Events in the European and Pacific Theaters of Operations on Land, Sea and Air in WWII.

Prolonged with horrifying cruelty, World War II was the most destructive conflict in world history. An estimated 45 to 60 million people perished in the war during the 2,174 days from the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 until VE Day in May 1945 and the Japanese surrender in August 1945. That the exact number of casualties can never be numbered testifies to the detached and impersonal nature of a war in which 'body counts' were so enormous as to be humanly uncountable. The Vast majority of those slain died anonymously, unknown except to the few who might have known and loved them. 

While examining the broader historical perspective to lay the foundation, Two Fronts, One war relates these individual stories- of Allied bomber pilots shot down over Germany, of American dogfaces fighting to grip a toehold on Iwo Jima, of men struggling for survival during the Bataan Death March, of tankers in Europe and pilots who flew the first B-29s against Japan's mainland, of incredible feats of heroism and self-sacrifice, even of great wartime romances. The author interviewed more than two dozen U.S. veterans for this book. Most of these stories have never before been published. Together, they provide a true account of what the war was really like for those individuals who actually fought it on the two main fronts of the war - Europe and the South Pacific.