Tank Museum Monopoly

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Discover a whole new way to play the world's best loved board game.

Tank Museum Monopoly is the all-new board game that combines the fast-paced gameplay of Monopoly with the iconic tanks on display at The Tank Museum in Dorset.

Take your pick from 6 exclusive tokens: Tiger I, Tog II, Mark IV, Army Boot, Wrench or Beret and race around board purchasing historic tanks and building tank sheds to drive the competition off the battlefield

Visit the Quartermaster or Officers' Mess and take a random pick from the deck of cards. You could win a battle or end up in jail. What will happen when you play 'Tankopoly' with your family?

THANK YOU! By purchasing this product directly from The Tank Museum, you are supporting us in our efforts to conserve and preserve our unique collections now and for generations to come.