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Tank Centenary - The Story of The First Crews - The Tank Museum
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Tank Centenary - The Story of The First Crews

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By David Fletcher MBE, Stephen Pope, David Willey & The Tank Museum A tank centenary publication paying tribute to the innovation, tenacity and courage of the first tank men.

The Tank Museum has the best collection of First World War tanks in the world alongside a wealth of objects, archive images and documents to tell their stories. On the advent of the centenary of the tank, this souvenir booklet looks in detail at that story.

Tank Centenary: The Story of the First Tank Crews pays tribute to the brave, tenacious men who served in these ground-breaking weapons of war and shows how the tank became an icon of war, both on the battlefield and in the imagination of the public at home. Written by Tank Museum Historian David Fletcher MBE, Tank Museum Curator David Willey and expert Stephen Pope, this book is a beautifully produced overview of the tank in the First World War.