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Tamiya 1/35 M10 IIC Achilles

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Recreate the British Tank Destroyer M10 IIC Achilles with this Tamiya 1/35 scale model kit

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Recreate the British Tank Destroyer M10 IIC Achilles with a Tamiya 1/35 scale model kit. 

With foes such as the Panther and Tiger lurking, the British Army faced a constant threat in WWII; one of their methods of countering German armor was the 17pdr gun-toting M10 IIC Achilles, a tank destroyer adapted from M10 IIs (a British denotation for late-production vehicles) provided by the U.S. under the "lend-lease" program.

The upgunning of the vehicle required a new cradle and gun shield, shell racks, and more. Around a thousand total were produced of the M10 IIC and its IC cousin, and Achilles were a common sight on the fronts in North-Western Europe and Italy as the Allies rolled back German gains.


  • Late production turret and 17 pounder gun are captured authentically.
  • A plethora of accessories includes turret-side canvas sheet and bags, plus helmets.
  • Features belt-type depictions of the T51 tracks.
  • Comes with four figures, plus two marking options recreating Western and Italian Front vehicles.
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Tamiya Achilles

Just finished the build of this kit. Very nice interior detail and crew figures. Parts all sharply moulded and went together nicely. Love the newer style flexible tracks that can be fixed with normal poly cement. Good quality model.