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Heroes of World War I : Fourteen Stories of Bravery - The Tank Museum
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Heroes of World War I : Fourteen Stories of Bravery

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By Scott Addington

In 1914 they were accountants, shopkeepers and labourers. When they were called to arms they became soldiers, sailors and airmen, fighting in the mud of the trenches, navigating the high seas or flying in the very first aerial war. Miles from their homes and families, they were pushed to their very limits and forever changed by what they experienced. Not all of them came back again.

In Heroes of World War I Scott Addington tells the long-forgotten stories of fourteen brave men who rallied for their country. The voice of the ordinary soldier is typically overlooked by memories and histories of the First World War, and so this book is a tribute to them and of what an ordinary person can achieve when the days are darkest.