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Gecko 1/35 Cruiser Tank A10 Mk1A Model - The Tank Museum
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Gecko 1/35 Cruiser Tank A10 Mk1A Model

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Cruiser tank A10 Mk1A model from Gecko Models

The A10 Mk1a came from a requirement to increase the armour of the A9 so that it could full fill the infantry support role.  The 2 machine gun turrets were removed & the armour protection was doubled to 30mm but this reduced its speed to 26 km/h.  The A10 Mk1a was seen as being too lightly armoured for the infantry support roll & too slow for a cruiser tank.  It saw action in France, Greece & North Africa before being withdrawn from service.

Gecko, who are a relatively new name in the modelling hobby have reproduced this vehicle in 1/35 scale from plastic with a small photo etch fret.  It captures the riveted look of this vehicle & also includes internal detail for the drivers & fighting compartment.  Either the standard or desert version of this tank can be made with 5 marking options for vehicles used in UK, Greece or North Africa.