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Tamiya 1/35 Challenger 1 (Mk3) - The Tank Museum

Tamiya 1/35 Challenger 1 (Mk3)

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Recreate the popular modern British tank with this Tamiya 1/35 scale kit

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Recreate the popular modern British tank with this Tamiya 1/35 scale kit. 

The Challenger demonstrated and proved its combat worth during the recent Gulf Conflict. In addition to painting the tank with an overall sand colour, many modifications for desert operations were accomplished, including an improved cooling system; better air cleaners; a reinforced transmission; extra side skirts from Chobham armour for added protection, plus bolt-on Reactive armour applied to the frontal area; an additional 200 litres of fuel was carried in external tanks mounted on the rear of the tan, which greatly extended its range; extra external stowage bins; and the use of maintenance free batteries. Despite operations in the harsh desert environment, the Challengers maintained an outstanding "in service" and availability figure that exceeded 90%. This achievement, along with its accurate and heavy firepower, pointed to the Challenger as being one of the best main battle tanks used during the Conflict.


  • Nylon mesh is included to recreate the baskets encircling the turret.
  • Two highly realistic figures are included; one depicts a bescarfed commander in desert conditions, while the other captures a commander in the distinctive NATO cold-climate uniform.
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Customer Reviews

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Challenger 1 mk3

Excellent model fairly easy to understand, just need to take your time it looks good.

Challenger 1

Challenger 1 is my favourite tank from the cold war, it looks amazing and I'm looking forward to building it.

Challenger tank.

The kit was very well packaged and arrived safely. Just started on it and is looking good already.
Thanks Tank Museum.

Brilliant kits from tamyia.

Great kit and right decals for RSDGs A Squadron I believe as a family regiment.
Would like to do more but run out of room!