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BT Fast Tank: The Red Army's Cavalry Tank 1931-45 - The Tank Museum
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BT Fast Tank: The Red Army's Cavalry Tank 1931-45

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By Steven J Zaloga

Steven J Zaloga details the story of the design and development history of the BT fast tank.

When the Red Army needed to mechanise its cavalry branch in the 1930s, the BT fast tank was its solution. Based on the American Christie high-speed tank, the Red Army began a program to adapt the design to its own needs. Early versions were mechanically unreliable but by the mid-1930s, the BT-5 emerged, armed with an excellent dual-purpose 45mm gun. It saw its combat debut in the Spanish Civil War in 1937 and was later used in the border battles with the Japanese Kwangtung Army in the late 1930s. The final production series, the BT-7, was the most refined version of the family.