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Air Force Blue: The RAF in World War II - Spearhead to Victory - The Tank Museum
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Air Force Blue: The RAF in World War II - Spearhead to Victory

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By Patrick Bishop

Air warfare required a new military outlook. The RAF stood apart from the traditional services, adopting the quasi-revolutionary idea that competence was more important than background.

The early days of the Air Force war were difficult. Then, in 1940, Fighter Command won one of the decisive battles of the struggle. The RAF was gilded with an aura of success that never tarnished, going on to make a vital contribution to Allied victory.

Using first-hand sources, Air Force Blue gives the taste of combat in the skies over the Atlantic, the sands of the Western Desert and the jungles of Burma. It also brings to life the intensely lived dramas, romances, friendships and fun that were such an important a part of the experience.

Air Force Blue portrays the spirit of the RAF its heart and soul during its finest hours. It is essential reading for the millions in Britain and the Commonwealth whose loved ones served, and for anyone who wants to understand the Second World War.