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The Typhoon Story

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By Tim McLelland

The Typhoon is at the forefront of NATO's order of battle. It is the Royal Air Force's most important and numerous combat aircraft and looks set to remain the heart of the RAF's offensive and defensive capabilities for the next three decades. Typhoon also equips the fighter and bomber units of Germany's Luftwaffe, the Italian and Spanish air forces, and those of Saudi Arabia and Austria. The Typhoon's history begins with the Experimental Aircraft programme, which was followed by the creation of the Eurofighter and its entry into operational service as the Typhoon. Despite its significance, Typhoon's history has never been explored in book form, but Tim McLelland now tells its story with the aid of spectacular photographs, highlighting the Typhoon's multiple capabilities and the design requirements of the nations who collaborated to produce it. The result is a fascinating account of the creation and development of NATO's most modern and important combat aircraft.