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Tanks Flip Book - The Tank Museum
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Tanks Flip Book

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The "Tanks" flip book shows the up-close action of the 1917 Mark IV tank.

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54 page flip book.

The Imperial War Museum s archive is home to more than 20,000 hours of moving image material spanning the twentieth century in Britain. The clips range from documentary film and official newsreels, to unedited combat footage, and amateur shots. In the museum's early days the films could only be viewed through Mutoscope machines from the late nineteenth century that functioned much like a flip book, giving life to a series of motionless images.

The Mutoscope did not project images on a screen, rather the machine was used by one person at a time. To re-create the experience of watching these historical film reals, some of the most compelling scenes have been reproduced in action-filled flip books. The "Tanks" flip book shows the up-close action of the 1917 Mark IV tank.

The bulletproof steel vehicle rolls along on its massive treads, ploughing through everything in its path. This was the most-used tank on the British side during World War I, and a total of 1,200 were built nationwide. Replicating the action of old-time film strips, these flip books will be a delight for both children and adults, transporting those who flip the pages to Britain s wartime past."

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