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Kandak - Fighting with Afghans

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By Patrick Hennessey

Author of The Junior Officers' Reading Club

This title comes from the author of the top ten bestseller The Junior Officers' Reading Club. When Patrick Hennessey returned home from Afghanistan, battle-worn, exhilarated, unsure if he'd see anything like it in his life again, he left behind him bands of friendship forged in the heat of the moment between living and dying. The comrades he left furthest behind were Qiam, Syed and Majhib.

They are still there in the dust and heat of Helmand, soldiers fighting for their homeland. "Kandak" is the story of how these lasting bonds were made. Written in the spare and lucid prose of "Junior Officers' Reading Club", Patrick Hennessey tells of their comically bad first meetings, the mutual suspicion, incomprehension and cultural divides that characterize early interactions between British and Afghan soldiers, to the moments under fire when those divides can, sometimes, cross chaos and culture shocks to turn into brotherhood.

An account of friendship and loss, of warriors and soldiers, "Kandak" explores the reasons men pick up the sword, and how in the intensity of battle, unlikely alliances can be formed.