COBI A12 Matilda II Model

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500 piece Matilda II tank model from Cobi.

‘The Queen of the Desert’, Second World War Matilda II tank, based on The Tank Museum’s very own Matilda II tank complete with David Fletcher figurine.

Recreate the one of the most iconic British tanks ever with this amazing scale model of the Matilda II. Also, known as the Waltzing Matilda, this infantry tank most famously saw service in the North Africa Campaign in World War 2.

This 510 piece kit comes complete with a crew member to sit proudly in the model's turret and functioning tracks. It also features a rotating turret which allows the 40mm gun to be angled, accurate exhaust system and turret mounted coaxial machine gun.   

Compatible with other brands of building blocks, this is a wonderful gift for all lovers of tanks and military history. 

Not suitable for 0-3 year olds. COBI is a standard building system from the COBI Group and should not be confused with other building block properties including mini figures.

THANK YOU! By purchasing this product directly from The Tank Museum, you are supporting us in our efforts to conserve and preserve our unique collections now and for generations to come.