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Tigerfibel - The Original Tiger Tank Manual - The Tank Museum
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Tigerfibel - The Original Tiger Tank Manual

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Translated by Wulf D. Brand, this is an authentic illustrated translation of the original Tiger tank manual to Second World War Tiger crew

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Translated by Wulf D. Brand An authentic illustrated translation of the original Tiger tank manual to Second World War Tiger crews.

In 1942, the officer in charge of training tank crews, Lieutenant Colonel Hans Christern recognised the need for a simple, straightforward training manual for his Tiger crews.

Young crews operating this complex machine were presented with a manual that differs in style and substance from any training material used by the German army at the time. Filled with puns and burlesque illustrations, 'Tigerfibel' provides a glimpse into the psychology of a confident German tank corps in 1943. 

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Customer Reviews

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Brilliant idea and a great way to support this excellent museum

Although I have always been interested in learning from the past and trying to understand events, I can't claim to be a historian. This little book, albeit translated, comes as close as I have ever been to original source data about this fascinating vehicle. Well worth a read and an excellent insight into German army training methods from the era.

Tiger Fibel

Well researched and detailed translation of the Tiger Fibel. A must for anyone interested in world war 2 history and the mindset of the Panzer Corps .


Anyone who has an interest in WWII history - especially the legendary Tigers - has read about or heard about the the Fibel books - if they're lucky they have seen copies of the original or at least excerpts from the originals. Now they can read it for themselves. An outstanding addition to any historian's library - worth every penny.


Bought early as a christmas present as Pantherfibel went down a storm as a late Father's Day present.

The Tigerfibel

Definitely a "must have" for anyone interested in the Tiger I, and a most unusual form of tank crew instruction manual. Great collectors piece.